Photo of nude girl in stockings on a pool table

The Pool Game

So I got this pool table in my living room and I got this really pretty, great dancer. I got this professional video camera, a video crew that wants to do anything, and some really talented musical friends, and this idea---"Look Out"! I end up with a really great sexy VHS tape of this gal playing "Strip Pool" done to original music that 'ROCKS' and no particular place to sell it--'It's uncirculated'--any ideas? -----rsh

Actually, you CAN buy the video...on our sister site at

Professional Data:
Image Name: ladonna04
Subject's Name: Ladonna
Original Publication:     Gallery Magazine
Film Type: Fuji Velvia   35mm

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Nudes

Catalog Terms:
Ladonna, Gallery Magazine, portraits, england, dancers, women, nude, indoors, lingerie, nudes, dancers, strippers, burlesque


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