Photo of nude girl with stockings in the bathroom

Dressing For Dinner

"I'll be with you in a minute".
It was so cold and snowy, and it was my birthday. I was called to New York for Playboy magazine and being owned by the same company--Oui magazine decided I could shoot photo's of Monique while I was there. She had just done a XXX movie and the rest of the layout was to be done at her home in San Francisco! Poor me, what a way to spend your birthday. --- rsh

Professional Data:
Image Name: monique01
Subject's Name: Monique Cardin
Original Publication:     Oui Magazine
Location: New York
Film Type: Kodachrome   35mm

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Playboy
    Glamour: Nudes

Catalog Terms:
Monique Cardin, Oui Magazine, New York, women, nude, riviera hotel, indoors, lingerie, nudes


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