Photo of stripper from the Palomino Club in Las Vegas

Farrah Postcard

Palomino Dancer
The Palomino Club has been a notorious Las Vegas Burlesque Club since the early seventies. Along with featuring world class strippers, it boasted a 'totally nude' amateur contest every night hosted by top burlesque comedians. This photo was taken for a series of postcards of the dancers in 1999.

Professional Data:
Image Name: palominoclub2
Subject's Name: Farrah
Original Publication:     Postcard
Client: Palomino Club
Film Type: Fuji Velvia   35mm

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Showgirls

Catalog Terms:
Farrah, Postcard, Palomino Club, england, burlesque, studio, nightlife, lingerie, sexy girls, dancers, palomino club, strippers, burlesque


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