Photo of Two Beauties Sunbathing in Las Vegas

Sunbathing in Vegas

Las Vegan Swimwear
Shapely young Cindy Lavalle in the black and red and sexy Tracy Vaccaro coming out of the black and gold, sunning by the pool. Both Las Vegas natives, these beautiful shapely girls posed here for a Las Vegas city magazine swimsuit layout.

"Inviting as it appeared, I didnít jump in. I just climbed up on the roof over-hang by the pool and with my trusty Hasselblad and took this classic photograph. Always one of the my favorite pictures, these girls two of my all time favorite swimsuit models. I bet you can figure out why. - RSH

Gorgeous Tracy Vaccaro went on to be a PLAYBOY Magazine centerfold and appear in several films. You can have her with your morning coffee on our sister site.

Professional Data:
Image Name: tracy_cindy
Subject's Name: Tracy Vacarro & Cindy LaValle
Original Publication:     Las Vegan Magazine
Film Type: Ektachrome   120

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Swimsuit
    Collections: Stock Photography

Catalog Terms:
Tracy Vacarro & Cindy LaValle, Las Vegan Magazine, england, sands hotel, girls by pool, swimwear, sexy girls, wet, playboy


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