Photo of Latin American Sensation Yvette Lopez

Yvette Lopez

All American Girl
Yvette is the new face of modeling in this country. An American Indian mother and Hispanic father gave her the exotic beauty that keeps her in demand as a model. From her work in Playboy Special editions, hot rod mags and small film roles, Yvette has become the new American beauty.

"This photo is from our first test shoot together. What a beautiful girl and what a natural body! I could photograph her all day long...." -RSH

Take Yvette home for coffee with a sexy bare-breasted Yvette Mug.

Professional Data:
Image Name: yvette_lopez_blue
Film Type: Fuji Velvia   35mm

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Nudes

Catalog Terms:
outdoors, lingerie, nudes, sexy girls


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