Photo of Yvette Lopez in Black Stockings

Yvette Lopez

In Black Stockings
American Indian and Hispanic, Yvette Lopez is one of the new glamour girls of our time. She has been featured on the covers of hot rod magazines and in Playboy Special Editions as well as numerous glamour websites. ey work well with, they want to keep them. When you can create wonderful pictures together you naturally want to do it again and again. Yvette is so easy to shoot and can be so many different things, sophisticated, classy, natural, funny, surprising and certainly sexy. She is such a very small (but well formed, obviously) girl that I am sometimes surprised at how classic and sophisticated she can look. She came over one day just to visit, dressed in baggy warm ups, no make-up and her hair pulled up in a cap. When I saw her backlit in the doorway I thought she was a 12 year old newspaper boy!" -RSH

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Professional Data:
Image Name: yvette_lopez_c19
Subject's Name: Yvette Lopez
Shooting Date: 2002
Location: Studio
Film Type: Digital   Digital

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Just_Girls

Catalog Terms:
Yvette Lopez, Studio, studio, indoors, lingerie, sexy girls


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