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Yvette Lopez

Yvette in Black Leather
Yvette Lopez has become one of the most popular girls on the internet. Her sexy Latin/American Indian look is really in demand.

"This photo was taken for Yvette's own website. We spent a day shooting a variety of different scenes of her. It is amazing how different she can look. Sometimes she looks Mid-Eastern, sometimes very Latin and sometimes All-American, it just depends on make-up and lighting. The best thing about Yvette though, is her willingness to try anything!" -RSH

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Professional Data:
Image Name: yvette_lopez_e25
Subject's Name: Yvette Lopez
Shooting Date: 2002
Original Publication:     Her Website
Location: Studio
Film Type: Digital   Digital

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Nudes

Catalog Terms:
Yvette Lopez, Her Website, Studio, england, nudes


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