Photo of Yvette Lopez partly in sweater

Yvette Lopez

Yvette in Sweater
Sexy Latin sensation Yvette Lopez is the face of the 21st century. Her Hispanic/American Indian heritage has made her a popular model in magazines and the internet. She has appeared in Playboy and has graced the cover of several specialty auto magazines.

"I will never get tired of photographing Yvette. She has a natural beauty, both inside and out, that makes our photo sessions less like work and more like fun. Besides that, she absolutely loves being naked.... - RSH

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Professional Data:
Image Name: yvette_sweater
Subject's Name: Yvette lopez
Shooting Date: 2002
Film Type: Kodachrome   35mm

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Nudes

Catalog Terms:
Yvette lopez, sands hotel, outdoors, nudes


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