Building A RaceCar

The Making of the Mongoose Prototype GT
Mongoose, (or Mongoos): A ferret like flesh-eating animal of India that is very quick and kills snakes, especially Cobras. Rendering of original design by RSH (top). The construction process took the making the full size frame work out of wood. (center left). After plastering the general shape with 2,000 lbs. of plaster, (center right) the original male mold was hand shaped and sanded to perfection. Below left is the first male body extracted from the female mold (hand-laid in fiberglass), the frame work then was supported and welded on a shorted Corvette frame. Below right is the final step, the final fiber glass fashioned race car. The Mongoose had 89 inch a wheel base and weighted only 1762 lb. dry. It had a 327 Chevy engine, customized dual air metered fuel injection, a four speed transmission, and featured four wheel independent suspension. The overall length was only 140 inches, and a width of 70 inches. It was only 40 inches in height and a coupe with Gull wing doors.

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