Photo of stripper from Palomino Club in Las Vegas advertising

Palomino CLub Ad

The world famous Palomino Club has been tops in Las Vegas since the early 70's. Hooper began photographing the girls and designing advertising when they first opened the club in 1969 and continued on and off over the years. This ad was designed for their reopening in 1999 after remodeling.

Professional Data:
Image Name: palominoclub3
Subject's Name: Dee
Shooting Date: 1999
Original Publication:     various
Client: Palomino Club
Location: studio
Film Type: Ektachrome   120

Associated Categories:
    Glamour: Showgirls

Catalog Terms:
Dee, various, Palomino Club, studio, england, studio, nightlife, sands hotel, lingerie, nudes, sexy girls, palomino club, strippers, burlesque


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