Photo of Jay Ramsey single release Brother Crocker

Jay Ramsey Disc

Brother Crocker
Jay Ramsey, with his uniquely raspy, matchless voice and with a very talented musical group, entertained many a Vegas vacationer through years in most every strip hotel/casino. A truly unappreciated talent, Jay is pictured here on the cover of his single release Brother Crocker, his original song telling the "tongue in cheek" story of a preacher of the Jimmy Swaggart type.

"The real gem on this Moonrock Records production turned out to be the flip side called Night of the Outlaw. A magical, mystical love story fantasy, (the kind that women love), about a badboy outlaw lover that was put to his death, yet comes back to his woman every night in her bedroom as a ghost, making love to her! Someday, I want to make the movie....." RSH

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Image Name: jayramsey
Subject's Name: Jay Ramsey
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