Photo of artist Julian Ritter painting Janet Boyd

Artist at Work

Gibson Girl Captured!
A true Artist at Work, Julian Ritter is shown here painting his famous portrait titled The Gibson Girl. Julian Ritter, known for his incredible nudes. A remarkable collection that once hung in the famed Silver Slipper, a long gone Las Vegas strip Casino and is reportedly worth of many millions of dollars.

Julian and I shared the model he is painting here, Janet Boyd, a favorite for us both for many years. I will never forget the story Julian used to tell, one of many, about his young days when he was called on to paint murals on the walls of a whorehouse in San Francisco. Later he was called back to paint over the paintings because the patrons were spending too much time looking at the murals on the walls and not enough time going to the rooms! RSH

Professional Data:
Image Name: julianritter3
Subject's Name: Julian Ritter & Janet Boyd
Location: Ritter's Studio
Film Type: Ektachrome   35mm

Associated Categories:
    Works: People: Portraits

Catalog Terms:
Julian Ritter & Janet Boyd, Ritter's Studio, personalities, men, nude, lingerie, nudes


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