Photo of Mike Rumbolz One-time Member of Nevada Gaming Commission

Gaming Guy

Trumps Man
Mike Rumbolz, attorney at law and Las Vegas native was a Member of Nevada Gaming Commission and later President of Donald Trumps Nevada operations.

"When a national gaming magazine needed a portrait of Mike Rumbolz taken for a story on him, he agreed his photograph should be taken on location at the Sports Book in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel Casino. A balanced exposure with available light and portable strobes was used to give a more natural looking photo. Lights from the television monitors projected the halo, behind his head." RSH

Professional Data:
Image Name: mike_rumbolz
Subject's Name: Mike Rumbolz
Original Publication:     The Gaming Times
Location: Las Vegas Hilton
Film Type: Ektachrome   120

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    Works: People: Portraits

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Mike Rumbolz, The Gaming Times, Las Vegas Hilton, people, portraits, england, personalities, personalities, men, sands hotel, hotel interiors


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