Photo of nude people in a psychedelic VW van

Sex in a Van

Hippie Trippy Van
From his first major Playboy pictorial Sex in the Automobile, that ran in May 1973 this true multiple exposure represented the current (at the time) party vehicle. The free love culture loved the VW Van that had plenty of room to make free love.

"First a VW van was purchased. Then we asked some friends over one Sunday afternoon and with a little help from my kids and friends we all painted the side of the van with psychedelic paintings. Then I went back the next day and cleaned up all the paintings. After all the outside pictures of the van were taken of it traveling down to road (with a 4x5 Linhof), and the first exposures well marked, the van was then sawed in half for the planned inside pictures to be double exposed on the same pieces of film. The idea was to show the VW van trucking down the road, with an 'Orgy' going on inside. After all that work...Playboy never ran the multiple-exposure. " RSH

Professional Data:
Image Name: psychedelic_vw_van
Subject's Name: Sex in the Auto
Original Publication:     Playboy Magazine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Film Type: Ektachrome   4 x 5

Associated Categories:
    Works: Things: Wildlife

Catalog Terms:
Sex in the Auto, Playboy Magazine, Las Vegas, NV, england, vegas couples, sexy couples, sands hotel, autos, cars, playboy


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