Photo of Siegfried and Roy's at home, with 5 tigers.

Siegfried and Roy

Big, big kitties

Taken for the cover of a Las Vegas entertainment magazine and other publicity, this was shot on the patio behind Siegfried & Roy's home in Las Vegas, late at night after their Frontier show. Siegfried was always very cautious about the animals, he being more the Magician, with Roy handling the cats. Siegfried had been mauled in the past and half his face badly injured by a tigers playful swat.

Funny story about this picture: Before the shooting session began, Siegfried came over to me & my crew to tell us there were two male tigers and three females and the females were in heat! "But If they break loose, don't run for the house, there's a leopard loose in there!" We pressed on with the shoot, the smoke machines hissing and the strobes flashing, and the tigers wrestling....and all of us ready to bolt in an instant! RSH

Professional Data:
Image Name: siegfriedroy_5tigers
Subject's Name: Siegfried and Roy
Shooting Date: 1983
Original Publication:     Various Las Vegas Publications
Location: S&R home in Vegas
Film Type: Ektachrome   120

Associated Categories:
    Works: People: Entertainers
    Archives: Entertainers

Catalog Terms:
Siegfried and Roy, Various Las Vegas Publications, S&R home in Vegas, people, portraits, england, entertainers, old vegas entertainers, magicians, personalities, vegas production shows, personalities, men, costumes, sands hotel, exotic animals


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