Photo of Wally Eastwood, the Fastest Juggler on Earth

Wally Eastwood

The Fastest Juggler on Earth
Billed as "The Fastest Juggler on Earth" capturing Wally Eastwood’s expertise presented unique problems. The fast juggling required a multiple strobe exposure to show the movement and a good portrait of Wally required another strobe to freeze his expression. After much collaboration, Wally skillfully juggled the pins with a black cloth over his head for the movement part of the photograph and then posed a second time without the cloth to make the total presentation. The photograph was made in the studio with several exposures on one piece of film, a true multiple exposure done long before Photoshop was invented.

Professional Data:
Image Name: wallyeastwood
Subject's Name: Wally Eastwood
Shooting Date: 1987
Original Publication:     Las Vegas Publications
Location: studio
Film Type: Ektachrome   120

Associated Categories:
    Works: People: Entertainers

Catalog Terms:
Wally Eastwood, Las Vegas Publications, studio, people, england, entertainers, vegas production shows, studio, personalities, men


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