Photo of loving Couple at Spring Fever Spa Place

Spring Fever

"Hot Tubs For Rent"
Feeding the needs and morals of the day, Las Vegas invented it's very own "Hot Tubs for Rent" with Spring Fever boasting 22 spa rooms. You could rent a private room with a pool and a small bed by the hour. Assuredly, later copied by other towns, it happened first in Las Vegas, as things often do!

This photograph taken for a print ad attempting to show a loving couple involved with the spirit of renting the place. The picture was posed by professional models. They hadn't seen each other before and probably not since. They did a very fine job, didn't they? RSH

Professional Data:
Image Name: wetcouple2
Subject's Name: Nick and Paralee
Client: Spring Fever
Location: Studio
Film Type: Fuji Provia   35mm

Associated Categories:
    Works: People: Portraits

Catalog Terms:
Nick and Paralee, Spring Fever, Studio, portraits, england, couples, vegas couples, sexy couples, tubs & spas, wet, sands hotel, wet


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